Pearl Jam March 2020 United States Tour Confirmed

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Pearl Jam are planning a North American tour in March and April 2020, with shows in California, Nashville, and Toronto planned according to many reliable sources.

PJNB said on the Ten Club board, “Someone on Facebook just confirmed that Toronto is getting a show in March. Inside source with MLSE apparently. If March is true its not too hard to get the date down to a few options.”

Vedder4Prez chimed in, “Nashville will be 4/2 or 4/5 or 4/6. No way they can squeeze it in after the run of the other shows.”

Primus Sucks added, “The rumor has been west coast and midwest and eastern Canada for the spring tour I believe. Sounds like most of the dates will be in march with the tour ending in early April.”

There has been talk of Pearl Jam performing at Coachella. Euchrid shared a Facebook remark, “Another comment on FB from: US portion starting end of March, not sure where they are starting but know they are stopping in TN, MO, CO, AZ, CA. I think they are starting in the Northeast, but don’t have those details.

Dimi mentioned there were no Western Canadian shows in as of now. Considering they were the first shows outside Seattle maybe a Victoria and / or Vancouver would be included in any sort of PJ30 thing??”

Insider Dimitrispearljam said, “First. There are no stupid questions. Only stupid answers. 
Second I’m Googling  most of questions. Cos I don’t understand a lot of them, lol. The Hamilton hint was funny, because it seems there is another USA city with same nickname, lol.

Same as beaches. Here in Greece Beach, there are ones on the ocean. Seems you guys mean lakes as well, so I’m checking the map of TN for example. And I say, where the f**k is the beach there? Haha. It’s all good. The whole idea of sharing hints and all has to do with getting people excited and letting them KNOW that something is happening soon and not a random rumor. It’s different to say I heard this, or someone told me that, I know this and that.

And if you can plan something like your vacations, or find a cheap deal for hotel or travel, it’s a plus. The thing is in 2017 and 2019 we didn’t have tours, so as you understand I know the feeling of missing see the band live. I know how impatient a fan can be, how excited we can feel, and how important it is to feel happy with something you love.

Pearl Jam is the best live band. We want shows, and now with new music as well. It for sure makes a difference. If I knew about the spring thing earlier I’d plan my next year differently. I would have skipped some Europe dates so I could make a week for example to California. It’s okay, can’t have it all. Next year will be fun.” A rumored January announcement for Pearl Jam’s 2020 world tour was just revealed.