Pearl Jam Rumored To Play Coachella With Big Name


Pearl Jam have a March and April 2020 North American tour in the works, the first leg of their new album tour, and there are heavy rumors that California tour dates are in the works, and fans recently suggested that perhaps Pearl Jam could play the Coachella festival in Indio for the first time with Rage Against The Machine.

Spoonman110 posted on the Ten Club board, “Has anyone brought up the idea of PJ playing Coachella? I know it seems unlikely with their recent lean towards pop and hip hop, and with RATM already confirmed, it seems even less unlikely that another ‘throwback’ rock act would perform as a headliner. But my thoughts are that PJ may be waiting for the Coachella lineup to come out (usually early January) before they can announce the rest of the tour.

Also, I can’t remember how Dimi worded it, but that would give California their two shows (Coachella takes places over two weekends, with all acts performing BOTH weekends). So maybe the clue doesn’t hint at California having two different cities with shows, but PJ playing twice at the same place. Like I said, I can’t remember how his clue was worded.”

Primus Sucks responded, “There’s no doubt that Coachella would definitely want them! I’m sure they have probably tried several times in the past! Remember that if it weren’t for PJ that festival wouldn’t exist! The timing might just line up perfectly this year! I’d say this is a very good possibility!” Pearl Jam performed at Indio in 1993 for the first time, 26 years ago. Rage Against The Machine last headlined Coachella in 2007. Eddie Vedder just leaked the new Pearl Jam album to some big names.