Nine Inch Nails Icon Stunned By Tragic Heart Attack


Former Nine Inch Nails drummer Josh Freese was stunned by Daniel Johnston dying of a heart attack on Wednesday. Tool recently called out brutal disrespect at a Nine Inch Nails festival.

Freese wrote on social media, “RIP Daniel.”

Hanif Abdurraqib wrote, “It is hard work to repeatedly commit yourself to unraveling/articulating the demons you didn’t ask for, but got stuck with anyway. I hope to never take it for granted when artists choose to thoughtfully and generously undertake that work. I’ll miss Daniel Johnston.”

“I’m so thankful for the ways Daniel Johnston’s work continually explored the ways that any pursuit of love can be woven into the fabric of a person’s sanity, comfort, and well-being. And the fact that the pursuit of love doesn’t owe us anything at the end.”

A Nine Inch Nails icon dating a Smashing Pumpkins member was recently revealed. scharpling tweeted, “Daniel Johnston was and will always be a heavyweight. He took us all on an artistic journey through light and darkness, his pain was our gift.

An all-time great, the songs stand as a perfect summation of an imperfect life. Rest in power and keep punching, Joe.”

Mark Ruffalo tweeted, “Rest In Peace, Daniel Johnston. Singer songwriter, poet, ARTIST. Living your broken dreams forever. Thank you for your art.”

Death Cab For Cutie said, “Today our hearts are heavy with yesterday’s passing of Daniel Johnston. His unique songwriting voice, so pure and so direct, spoke to us deeply. It is quite safe to say there will never be another like him and thankfully, his music will play on.”

Darren Hayman said, “Daniel Johnston, obviously, for me, a big influence. He changed my concept of the word ‘finished’ and I’ve never turned away from that guiding principle. After hearing Daniel I knew I was allowed to make music. It’s not lo-fi. It’s good-fi. A brilliant teacher. Rest in true peace.” Howard Stern recently made a heartbreaking Nine Inch Nails revelation.