Pearl Jam New York & Los Angeles Comeback Shows Leak


Pearl Jam March and April 2020 North American tour date rumors have been running rampant in recent weeks, and now a list of Canadian shows have leaked, along with rumored New York and Los Angeles shows.

PJNB said on the Ten Club board, “Canada is getting a week long tour.” 1ThoughtKnown posted, “Hamilton is booked from Mar 19-23 only Toronto dates available after St Paddy’s are 18th and 31st. While I agree it may not make sense logistically, from the barn availability aspect it makes perfect sense.”

The Pearl Jam 2020 tour will be for the new album that Eddie Vedder just leaked. PJNB wrote, “We have already guessed most of the Canadian leg and those states you mentioned are ones Dimi already gave the thumbs up to here. 

With regards to Seattle and Vancouver getting shows I am curious how that plays out. The arena in Seattle will be done reno’s in the summer of 2021. Pearl Jam partnered with them a couple of years back in a pitch to keep the arena I think. I would not be surprised if they were the opening act at the venue but that is a year and a half away. Maybe we get another ballpark show next year there or maybe its not getting a show for awhile and the same for western Canada.”

1ThoughtKnown commented, “So it’s looking something like this I figure:
March 18th – TO
March 20th – Ottawa
March 22nd – QC
March 24th – Hamilton 

I still think there are 4 Canadian shows, mostly because it hasn’t been ruled out by those in the know. Ruling out the ‘week of’ doesn’t mean part of the week isn’t possible.”

Weston1283 concluded, “Based off hints we have so far, I’m thinking/completely guessing

Baltimore 3.28
NYC 3.30
Nashville 4.2
St. Louis 4.3
Denver 4.6
Vegas 4.8 (total guess)
Phoenix 4.10
San Diego 4.12
LAx2 4.14 and 4.15
Oakland 4.17

And then I’m guessing there will be one more show somewhere in that mix in a small random city (Like State College) that everyone will be dying to get to.” Pearl Jam were recently rumored to play a festival with Rage Against The Machine.