Pearl Jam Member Records Album With Ex-Drummer


For fans of Pearl Jam, Stone Gossard has recently reunited with former drummer, Matt Chamberlain. Along with vocalist Mason Jennings and keyboardist, Brittany Davis, the four make up the side project – Painted Shield.

The group, who have conceptally been around since the mid 2010s, when a mutual friend of both Jennings and Gossard said they should both work together. Their debut album, which was self-titled was dropped back on Novemeber 27th of 2020. Pearl Jam released this painful open letter with a rock icon.

However, fast forward to 2022, taking to social media via Instagram, the band announced that Painted Shield will be coming out with new material in very near future. Adding that they couldn’t wait to perform their latest music for fans. The group’s lead-off single was “I Am Your Country” off their aforementioned self-titled album. You can view the Instagram post in question below.

“Hello! How is everyone doing out there? UPDATE….we’ve been busy, @paintedshield album 2 is done & coming soon! *****Join us here tomm @ 3pm PST. We’re gonna go LIVE and perform some new music for you, for the first time ever!”

This grunge legend recently revealed the best Pearl Jam drummer. Side projects for Pearl Jam are far from new as some of the best and most underrated music has come from Pearl Jam’s side groups. This includes projects such as Brad, Mother Love Bone, Temple of the Dog, among a host of others. While Pearl Jam’s leading man, Eddie Vedder has already played a few shows during the infancy of this new year. This will be with Vedder’s own side project – Eddie Vedder and the Earthlings, Vedder who has not only annouced his first solo album since 2011 proclaimed that he will be touring all throughout the month of February of 2022. This will be begin on February 3rd in New York City and will finish in Seattle, Washington on February 22nd.