Pearl Jam Confirm If They Plan To Tour In 2020


Pearl Jam guitarist Mike McCready was interviewed by FOX 5 New York a couple of days ago, and he confirmed that there are no ‘definitive’ Pearl Jam plans in the works to announce to fans yet, but he said the band are writing new material. Alternative Nation transcribed his remarks when asked about the new Pearl Jam album. A Pearl Jam 2020 ‘Live Aid’ rumor surfaced earlier this week.

McCready said, “We are writing things now, but we don’t have any kind of plans or thoughts to release anything as of yet. But I hope we will, because I want to do that very badly. So I have no definitive answers for you, how’s that? I wish I could be more definitive. I can’t be more definitive than that.”’s owner wrote on the Ten Club board, “The new PJ album is not done yet, they’re working on it, as I already wrote on 08/22 …”

Pearl Jam revealed ‘spooky’ news a few days ago. bbiggs posted later on, “I get what you’re saying, but it’s not like he doesn’t go into these things without knowing he’ll be probed about something PJ. This isn’t his first rodeo. His side projects are great, but PJ is what the majority of people want to talk about.

If PJ was no longer a band, then sure, the question would be off base. But they’re an ‘active band’ that is supposedly making a record, so naturally in interviewer will ask the question. Who the hell knows what his body language was. As others have said, maybe it can be interpreted as “I also wish we could produce some f’n music but it just isn’t happening.” Time will tell.

HughFreakingDillon chimed in, “I can definitely understand that frustration. you put your heart and soul into this artistic endeavor, and you can never escape questions about your main gig. it’s inevitable, but obviously and understandably frustrating.

The same even happens after bands break up. Liam and Noel put out new records, talk about that for a bit, then always get asked ‘so is Oasis going to reform?’ ‘how is your relationship with your brother.’ I’d go into an interview saying ‘no questions about (this).’

I’m pretty sure the headstones do this. they had a drummer, Dale, for 25 years. he ‘quit,’ or maybe got pushed out, i don’t know. But he has basically been erased from their history, and not ONE interviewer has asked them about Dale. there’s no way that would get glossed over by every single interviewer unless it was demanded by the band.” Howard Stern savagely called out an Eddie Vedder ripoff earlier this week.