New Tool Album Music Video Finally Revealed


The new Tool album Fear Inoculum is out, and some fans got their copies shipped early, and a fan has uploaded an unboxing video that shows a teaser of the music video component of the limited edition special package of the record. There is also video on the packaging. Rumored Tool North American tour dates surfaced yesterday.

Millosh024 wrote on Reddit, “I think the video on the album screen shows the battle between a virus (foreign body, the priest looking thing, representing fear, the desease.) and the protector, the cure, the inoculum. The spiral eyes are like the arteries, veins inside the body. Or even more metaphorically speaking, it could be the soul/mind domain. The fear inoculum is the star looking thing with eyes that is on the cd itself, making the contents of the cd (the music, the songs) the Fear Inoculum which chases away the deceiver, the Fear.”

He added, “The tunnel with eyes is either the blood stream or the mind/soul domain. There is an evil presence (the priest) and the Fear Inoculum (which is in the video, in the same place as the priest, and is also, logically, on the cd itself and it consists of the songs.) is fighting it.”

OGstanfrommaine wrote, “I saw it as another dimension looking at it at surface level. But I really like the way you saw it and without even watching it again, I already feel this.”

Maynard James Keenan revealed fights in the studio with Tool earlier this week. Tool guitarist Adam Jones discussed going to school with Rage Against The Machine guitarist Tom Morello in a new Talk is Jericho interview, revealing that Morello’s mother was his homeroom teacher.

“Tom and I grew up together. Tom’s mom was my homeroom teacher. Mary Morello, she’s the coolest lady you’d ever meet.” He added, “Maureen Herman, she’s in Babes in Toyland, she was a year younger than me and we were all friends at school, but Tom used to say, you know, ‘Grunge from Seattle, well, yeah, the next big sound is from Libertyville, Illinois,'” Jones laughed.

“Tom was just very inspiring growing up. He was very animated and I always thought he would be an actor. He was very well spoken. He was in a lot of plays.”

“I remember he was in this band and they were terrible. They were called the Electric Sheep. There were no concerns of being signed or how important it is. It was a high school band, and at some point they needed a bass player, and I was playing violin, but in high school I started playing bass, cause they didn’t have a bass player. I can read treble and bass clef, but I always played guitar on the side. I’m self taught.” The guitarist continues humorously, “It’s just amazing to me now how much Tom sucked at that moment when I met him and now no one can touch him.” Maynard James Keenan mocked the new Tool album leak a few days ago.