Pearl Jam New Album Tribute To Chris Cornell Revealed


Pearl Jam revealed that a song called “River Cross” will appear on their new album Gigaton, and many fans pointed out that it is a song that was previously known to fans as “Share the Light,” a song Eddie Vedder debuted live in September 2017 at the Ohana festival. Many assumed the song’s lyrics were about the death of Chris Cornell, who at the time had only died a few months prior. Chris Cornell’s widow recently unloaded after an Eddie Vedder wife claim.

LastExitBJP posted on the Ten Club board, “Anyone else wonder if River Cross is that organ song (or something like it) Ed has played live? It’s gotta be. That excites me to think maybe it could be an Ed and Boom track.”

PJNB responded, “Loved that song when I first heard it on Periscope a couple of years ago from Ohana. I hope it does not take a turn and sound more like Future Days though.

I also wonder if that intro to Love Boat Captain in Prague 2018 is a song too. Need to look the lyrics up to that one again and see if anything matches.” A new Pearl Jam song that sounds like Nine Inch Nails recently leaked.

I always thought I’d cross that river, the other side distant now
As I got close it turned and widened, the horizon now fading out
Oh drifting off in the undertow, can’t spot a figure on dry land
And afterthoughts of safety when in truth, none to be had
I used to tell time by my shadow, ‘til the thunderclouds, they took the stage
The days will end as do the light’s rays, another read of the same page
Wide awake through this deepest night, still waiting on the sun
As the hours seem to multiply, find a star and soldier on
Only then beneath the lion’s paw, knowing nothing can be tamed
Don’t hold me down
Don’t hold me down
Don’t hold me down
Don’t hold us down
Don’t hold me down
Share the light, don’t hold us down (x6)