Ringo Starr Leaks Paul McCartney ‘Hair Loss’ Photo


The official Twitter account for The Beatles recently tweeted out the quote from Ringo Starr which states how he and his bandmates were looking the same, as they lost hair with the help of barbers through a haircut to look the same. Ringo Starr unloads on terrible John Lennon ‘insult’.

Ringo Starr eerie ‘last’ Neil Peart photo revealed. The account tweeted: “We saw the suits in a window and just went in and got them. We all got one, and suddenly that was a uniform. We were going to all these shops and buying little uniforms for ourselves. That’s also why we looked like Beatles; beside the haircut, we were all looking the same”-Ringo.

In other news regarding Ringo Starr and the Beatles, fans too to social media recently to discuss one of Ringo and the rest of the ‘fab four’s’ most iconic albums – ‘The White Album’. One fan proclaimed: ” A wonderful recreation of the original release of “The White Album”, complete with embossed name and individual serial number on the cover, and the four individual color portraits and the poster with lyrics on the reverse side. The vinyl pressing is very quiet and the mono mix has an intimate feel that is missing from the more familiar stereo mix. I had always felt that stereo was the way to go as far as the Beatles recordings were concerned. Then I read Geoff Emerick’s memoir “Here, There, and Everywhere . . .” where he states emphatically that the only way to listen to The Beatles is in mono. I checked out the mono mixes and was hooked. When they were re-released entirely in analog on vinyl I couldn’t pass them up. If you love The Beatles, you shouldn’t either. Bono family leaks creepy Ringo Starr photo to U2 fans.