Pearl Jam Producer Describes Eddie Vedder ‘Struggling’ When Making Record


Pearl Jam recently aired a 25th anniversary special for Vs. on their SiriusXM station. Producer Brendan O’Brien discussed Vedder struggling what was going on at the time of the recording of Vs. in 1993 on the special. Below are some quotes Alternative Nation transcribed.

Stone Gossard: Brendan was immediately very funny, warm, and easy going. Everything about his philosophy in terms of making records, and his drive to be part of our group and team just seemed perfect.

Jeff Ament: My main memory of making Vs. was going back and forth with Brendan O’Brien, and talking about where we were going to make the record.

Brendan O’Brien: At that particular time, I lived in Los Angeles, and the band of course in Seattle. They didn’t want to work in Seattle, they didn’t want to work in Los Angeles where I lived, so we kind of picked a spot in-between. The closest we could find in-between was San Francisco. I remember Eddie was specifically not involved in that decision, I don’t think he ever really loved it out there.

He was for the most part very professional about it, but I think he was struggling with kind of what was going on in general. It was a remote place, and I think he would have preferred something more urban, but what came out of it was pretty great, so you can’t argue with that.