Paul McCartney Breaks Silence On ‘Young Girl’ Accusation


Paul McCartney has shared his late wife Linda McCartney’s official music videos to watch on her official YouTube channel. These videos are for songs that were released on the re-release of Wide Prairie – the posthumous 1998 compilation of Linda McCartney recordings which was the only album to be released under the Linda McCartney name, and in celebration of the Linda McCartney Retrospective making its UK debut at Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum in Glasgow. You can view the channel HERE. Michael Jackson’s family reveals sad Paul McCartney secret.

Here Paul McCartney discusses one of Linda’s most esteemed songs: ‘Nightfish’. Paul exclaimed: “Recorded with Wings up at the old Air London Studios, Linda’s dramatic vocal harks back to the Fifties and Sixties when strange stories were told by acts like The Shangri-Las, The Coasters, and others. It was made into an excellent animated film by Ian Emes which was later objected to by some lady writing to a newspaper to complain about the nudity and its effect on her 5-year-old child. A female figure is seen naked, yes, but come on! – it’s only a harmless drawing, the likes of which have been on view in museums around the world for centuries.” – Paul

In other news regarding Linda and Paul McCartney, fans recently took to the Beatles subreddit to discuss the reasoning behind Linda McCartney joining McCartney’s highly successful group – Wings. UpDoor kicked things off by asking: “What do you think of the speculation that Linda joined Wings and brought the kids on tour to keep an eye on Paul and keep him away from cheating? I’ve seen some comments saying that because Linda wasn’t a ‘real’ musician – she hadn’t sung, played keyboard, etc before (I’ve even seen someone say she brought nothing to the band, which I disagree with) – that one of the factors of her joining Wings and bringing the kids on tour with them was to keep Paul from cheating.”

Paul McCartney leaks creepy George Harrison death photo. The user continued: “Paul wasn’t 100% faithful initially in their relationship (maybe google Paul’s Black and White Minstrel Show) and some people guess that Linda wanted to ‘keep an eye on him’, especially since they had a family by then. Do you think there’s any truth to this speculation?”

Bon Jovi reveals ‘embarrassing’ Paul McCartney secret. While Tplgigo responded: “Linda was his rock and got him off the “sauce’ post Beatles break up and he wanted her involved in every step of the process in a post Beatles career taking the time to teach her keyboards and sing background stuff. Touring became a natural step in the process. While not the intention of “keeping him in line”, the result was her very presence kept him on the straight and narrow. She knew best how to deal with his ego.”