Eddie Vedder ‘Finishing’ With Pearl Jam Revealed


Eddie Vedder’s frequent solo tour opener Glen Hansard let slip at a recent Seattle show that Eddie attended that it appears that Eddie has finished work on his latest project, which many assume is a new Pearl Jam album. Vedder is also rumored to have been working on a new solo album after comments from his wife Jill earlier this year. A Pearl Jam member made a scary Eddie Vedder remark earlier this week.

chilisuarez posted on the Ten Club board, “I had the absolute and immense pleasure of meeting Glen after the show. He mentioned that the band would play Ohana and it would be interesting because they’ve been playing indoor shows as opposed to Ohana being outdoors.”

“I saw him twice in Amsterdam solo this year and he absolutely blew me away, he was just incredible, there are no other words for it, it was a no brainer living in Vancouver, BC, Canada to travel down to Seattle and see him. As mentioned earlier, I had the pleasure of meeting Glen after the show. What a human being, so nice, caring, thoughtful and accommodating. He gave a small crowd of us so much of his time and regaled us with stories and heard our stories too. He gave each individual time to talk with him, take pictures and get things signed. I cannot speak highly enough of this man and his music, wow, just wow.”

“Oh, should I also mention that he might have let slip about some potential PJ news ….. :)”

A Pearl Jam member made a dark Layne Staley revelation a few days ago. He later added, “Put it this way, he was mentioning about how busy Ed was and basically let slip the two things that we all seem to know will happen soon-ish 🙂 ”

“It was more what Glen didn’t say and to be totally honest I can’t remember explicitly what he said, we were talking about his new album and current tour and it came up about Ed being at the show and Glen mentioned something like how Ed was very busy and wrapped up in whatever he is doing at this moment in time, what I took from it was that he was talking about the PJ album and tour because he said something like ‘I shouldn’t be saying anything at all’. It was a passing comment but it seemed pretty clear to the few of us who were around.” Eddie Vedder and Ozzy Osbourne announced an insane lineup for a festival yesterday.