Rage Against The Machine React To Singer Breakup Claim


Rage Against The Machine drummer Brad Wilk has confirmed to a fan that he is back with RATM, and that Prophets of Rage are done. When a fan asked why they never meet with Zack de la Rocha anymore, and if Prophets of Rage is good enough for them, Wilk appeared to confirm Chuck D and B-Real’s claims that the Prophets are done with the return of RATM. A Pearl Jam and Rage Against The Machine 2020 rumor was revealed last week.

Sabunohawari asked Wilk, “Why do the three of you never meet with Zack anymore? Now that Chris [Cornell] is gone, are the Prophets of Rage good enough for the three of you?”

Wilk responded, “@rageagainstthemachine.” B-Real posted a few weeks ago, before declining a possible reunion, “I want to say thank you to the fans that supported @prophetsofrage for the time we’ve been rocking together. It’s been an honor to rock stages and people of all ages with these guys. It’s been a great time and great memories in a short time.

Rockin along side of Chuck and Tom has been amazing to say the least. It was fun while it lasted and I hope we left a big impression and that the music has been a source of inspiration for those that needed it. That was the purpose we got together. So I say to y’all stay informed, stay engaged and fight the good fight.”

Airwaydude2001 posted on Reddit about RATM’s recent YouTube activity, “Anybody else noticed how schizophrenic Rage’s official YouTube Vevo channel is acting for the past 10 months. After inactivity for 3 years, the account has been uploading clips of The Battle of Mexico City, extras from the live DVD and audio tracks of Bombtrack and Guerrilla Radio. This kind of bts activity is even more cryptic than Tool’s promotion of Fear Inoculum and what’s weirder is that these videos were uploaded a MONTH before Rage announced their reunion for 2020.” Zack de la Rocha having a girlfriend was revealed last week.