Pete Townshend Loses Voice At The Who Show


The Who frontman Pete Townshend during Thursday night’s concert at American Airlines Center stated the fans that he had lost his voice. “As you can tell, I’ve completely lost my voice.” He continued: “If you laugh, I won’t give a [expletive]. But I expect you will.” 

It was noted that back in September 2019, the singer came down with bronchitis, causing the first postponement of the band. Then with the start of global pandemic, the dates were wiped out in 2020.

Fans enjoyed the show despite Pete Townshend losing his voice

The show was loved by the fans and on some instances the crowd saw some brilliance carried by Roger.  . But Thursday, Daltrey was on fire.

After working out a few kinks at the start of the Tommy segment, Daltrey took flight in “We’re Not Gonna Take It,” roaring and howling and whipping his mic cord.

The backing orchestra which was actually Daltrey’s idea did wonders and worked much better than it could have in the acoustically-challenged AAC. The strings smoothed out “Behind Blue Eyes” a bit too much, but the horn section gelled perfectly with the band on “5:15″ and “Join Together.”

During “Pinball Wizard” and “Love, Reign O’er Me,” the orchestra reminded the fans just how majestic the Who’s music can be. The one song noticeable in its absence was “My Generation.” But that’s understandable. “Hope I die before I get old” doesn’t just roll off the tongue when you’re pushing 80.

Taking the old-school approach, the Who skipped a fancy visual display and stuck to a simple textured backdrop and two midsize video screens above the stage. The 20,000-capacity AAC was only about two-thirds full, with much of the upper deck curtained off. By comparison, the Who’s old colleagues the Rolling Stones drew 42,000 fans to the Cotton Bowl for a single concert in November.