Pink Floyd Announce Horrible The Beatles Family Death


The Beatles Story is a unique award-winning visitor attraction telling the story of The Beatles’ amazing career. Recently, their official Twitter account confirmed the death of Neil Innes. was an English writer, comedian, and musician. He collaborated with Monty Python and played in the rock parody group – The Rutles, which heavily satirized the Beatles. Paul McCarney ‘refuses’ listening to John Lennon songs.

The account wrote in a short statement: “RIP Neil Innes. Musician, songwriter, comedian and star of The Beatles’ pastiche ‘The Rutles’ who died today aged 75. “Ladies and Gentlemen, I’ve suffered for my music and now it’s your turn”

Meanwhile, Pink Floyd touring bassist Guy Pratt also commented on the death, stating: “Sad news about Neil Innes. So many great songs. Was an honour to work with him just the once..Truly a one off.. RIP

Many fans took to social media to comment on the death of the Beatles parody artist. On Facebook Billy wrote: “That was such a brilliant scene that never leaves your brain once you see it. And the Beatles enthusiasm during that scene in Magical Mystery Tour said volumes about their admiration of Neil Innes. Rest In Peace and thank you for such an unforgettable performance and career.”

John Lennon widow brutal ‘struggling’ photo revealed. Whereas Bradley said: ” I loved that Neil managed somehow to bring members of the Pythons and the Beatles together to have a laugh at the Beatles expense, how cool is that a Beatles member participated (mostly George). Sad news though.

While Pedro replied: “There are times when The Rutles felt like they were more ‘Beatles’ than The Beatles themselves. ‘All You Need Is Cash’ was, and remains, a very astute docu-drama of those heady and wild times. I better get myself a cup of tea to reset the appropriate nostalgic mood!”

Paul McCartney reveals if he hated George Harrison. And Neil responded: “I was a fan of him as the wizard in Puddle Lane as a very young child, I was a fan of the Bonzos as a child into adulthood and fan of his contributions towards Python as an adult. I discovered The Rutles late but was a fan of them too. R.I.P. Neil.