Pink Floyd Confirm David Gilmour Replacement For Tour


The official Twitter account for Pink Floyd recently tweeted out the following snippet, along with a picture that showcases one of the first times Pink Floyd performed as a five-piece band. This particular photo was taken at Aston University in Birmingham, England. David Gilmour’s wife unloads on this bad girlfriend lie.

The account reads: “52 years ago today, at the Aston University in Birmingham, England, Pink Floyd performed the first of the few gigs as a five-piece, with Syd and David both on guitar. Around this date some publicity shots were taken of this short-lived line-up, and here’s one of them:”

In other Pink Floyd news, fans took to the Pink Floyd subreddit to discuss the merits behind the band’s most highly regarded album’s – ‘The Wall’. One fan stated: “I think The Wall was a whatever album. I know almost every Pink Floyd fan cherishes the album and treats it like the God tier Pink Floyd album. Thing is, I don’t get why. I really had high hopes and expectations going into this album. I really wanted to like it, but I just couldn’t. I listened to The Wall, in full, 3 times and each time, my opinion became more critical. The first 4 songs are be.autiful with a great transition into Another Brick Pt. 2. Once the kids come in though, I stop caring. Another Brick Pt. 3, Comfortably Numb, Nobody Home and Vera are all great but, when only 8 out of 26 of the song on your album are enjoyable, there’s an issue.”

Roger Waters’ ‘huge mistake’ caught on video at show. The fan continued: “I listened to this album straight through, no breaks, start to finish and only found those 8 songs to be appealing. In comparison to Pink Floyds other works, Dark Side of The Moon, Wish You Were Here, and Animals, all of which are far superior albums in my opinion, and came out before The Wall. So why is this the beloved album? Is there something I’m missing? Why is there so much love for such a low tier album? Please feel free to explain to me why.”

With another Reddit user responding: “I only like two songs from that album. The album needs more David Gilmore. But the story is the album I guess, it’s not specifically about individual songs, but the album as a whole. However, I think other albums are better in doing that anyway, like Animals and Wish You Were Here.” David Gilmour ‘attacking’ Roger Waters revealed by Pink Floyd.