Pink Floyd Member ‘Drunk’ Backstage Photo Revealed


Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason has uploaded a photo of himself finishing off a beer cup backstage. He tweeted, “Undeterred by a disapproving look from outside the room…” A sad Pink Floyd member ‘recluse’ claim was just revealed.

Pink Floyd fans on recently discussed the ultimate version of “Comfortably Numb.” Master_Chief responded, “Oooh now this is interesting. Certainly none of the Roger Waters tours for me. David Kilminster and his touring band through the years are wonderful, but when it comes to this solo you can’t beat Mr. Gilmour.

The Pulse version is just out of this world, but there are several others from The Division Bell Tour that I have only heard in poor bootleg form that even better that!”

TWCC said, “The original studio mix in the right setting is still the definitive mix to me … I love the ‘solo’ PF David Gilmour based versions, I was at the one-night-only at the O2 when David played live with Roger and that was good at the time, but the official recording of that special event issued in the Roger box is not the best.”

RaiseMyRent chimed in, “I wouldn’t even consider the Roger solo ones. The players are good but they’re performing someone else’s art. The ultimate version is PULSE, even if it has been edited. I’ve heard the complete version and I kind of get why they cut those bits (they’re more adventurous), but maybe they should’ve left them (I get they hd to shorten the show etc). It’s hard to say since I’ve heard it only a few times vas hundreds of times for the official release.

Now pulse is the ultimate because it flows perfectly for the whole solo and it has all the best bits (starting with the pitch harmonic). But the craziest solo is delicate sound of thunder, especially the new remix. It’s just bonkers if a bit disjointed, and I hate the crazy fast drumming Nick does at times. Just doesn’t suit him or the song or anyone. But if you want to hear Gilmour on steroids (or something else), go to the new or old DSOT.

And the best version for me is the one from the last night at the RAH with Gilmour live in ‘16. Because I was there 20’ from the man himself, and because it was the last night and because it’s the closest one to the ones above since.” David Gilmour’s wife revealed heartbreaking ‘the end’ news earlier this week.