Pink Floyd Reveal Sad Reason David Gilmour Is ‘Recluse’


During the episode four of the Pink Floyd podcast ‘The Lost Art of Conversation: A Pink Floyd Podcast, iconic Pink Floyd member David Gilmour discussed what is next for him on his musical horizons. David Gilmour wife reveals heartbreaking ‘the end’ news.

David Gilmour announces Pink Floyd death in sad video. This lead to a shocking announcement and a revelation about himself being ‘hermit-like’. Alternative Nation transcribed his comments below.

Interviewer: We can’t let you go without asking what’s next? I mean this big, beautiful box set is there documenting all this stuff, what else are you up to in your musical horizons? What’s on those musical horizons?

David Gilmour: I don’t have anything, and I’m not being coy. I haven’t started working on something, I mean I’ve got loads of material leftover from my last album which is now four years ago and one of these days I’ll start sitting up at that desk over there and start putting it all together and seeing where I get to, but I don’t, I haven’t made any sort of plan yet. Most of the ‘On an Island’ album was made in this room and a little less of it, the follow-up, The Rattle Outlook on which I mostly didn’t write.

Interviewer: But the desk just behind me, that you’re looking at right now..

Gilmour: Yeah.

Interviewer: You’ll be there at some point, right?

Gilmour: Yeah, it’s all designed to work. There’s a one-man operation. Which, is the way I, in my rather hermit-like-way, tend to like to do things. I should try and get out more.

David Gilmour ‘freak out’ when Roger Waters quit Pink Floyd leaks. In other news revolving David Gilmour and Pink Floyd, fans cannot stop talking about their latest box set: ‘Pink Floyd – The Later Years’. One fan stated: “Ok, this box set is overpriced by about $100. However if your a fan of the later Pink Floyd you will greatly enjoy this. I grew up with the 80s & 90s Floyd then worked my way back the catalog. It holds a special place for me. I have all the albums, but I have never purchased a box set like this so I didn’t feel as bad when purchasing this set. The content is great. The remixed A Momentary Lapse of Reason is great. It’s just a little less 80s sounding. The Delicate Sound CD is great and the DVD/BluRay is really the gem of this set. Enjoy.”