Pink Floyd Member ‘Going Blind’ Video Revealed


Pink Floyd‘s founding member Roger Waters took to social media via Facebook watch to record this message to discuss and show his solidarity with the people of Chile during their time of protest towards the Pinera presidency. The 2019 Chilean protests are ongoing civil protests throughout Chile in response to a rise in the Santiago Metro’s subway fare, the increased cost of living, privatization, and inequality prevalent in the country. Pink Floyd made this disturbing Jimi Hendrix revelation.

Waters would later call Pinera a “near-fascist” during this address to his fans. As he stated: “My heart is with you in Chile as you resist attempts by the Pinera presidency to impose his near-fascist will on the good people of Chile. I hope that some of us in the west by way of joining you in your protests can persuade senor president to stop killing your children, stop blinding the children in the street by shooting them in the eyes with [inaudible] or whatever projectiles that it is, that they are using. My friends in Santiago tell me the clinics are overflowing with wounded people and that the already overstretched medical staff in these public facilities cannot keep up with the stream of wounded who are coming in.”

This Pink Floyd member called out ‘spoiled’ Roger Waters recently. Waters continued by saying: “I saw a video that was sent to me just the other day of a Jeep coming around the corner, four soldiers jumped out and fired indiscriminately at a group of young people who were standing there. From the nature of the bodies that they piled up in the street, they appeared to be dead.”

Pink Floyd fans discussed the group’s 1987 track ‘The Dogs of War’ and it’s legacy in a recent topic off of the Pink Floyd subreddit.

EWoodville wrote: “I think there’s a section of Roger fans who think political / socially conscious lyrics are Roger’s thing, and if Gilmour does a political song, he is aping Roger, trying to pretend that he (Gilmour) has serious thoughts in his head, when in fact he has none. They react very strongly to this perceived fakery. This, of course, makes no sense. Political lyrics are not a Roger Waters invention. Gilmour had a political song or two on both his solo albums prior to the making of AMLOR [A Momentary Lapse of Reason], and the pattern continued with AMLOR and The Division Bell. However, there is no reasoning with people’s preconceived notions of what is authentic and what is not.”

This Pink Floyd member dropped a 2020 reunion bombshell. Dezzrokk said: “I am likely in a minority here, but the only good Gilmour-lead album is The Division Bell. He can write well enough but Roger makes him look like a simpleton when it comes to dynamics, theme, lyrics… the only things David has over Roger is his voice and his lead guitar playing. Godddamn, Gilmour can play.”