Pink Floyd Member Calls Out ‘Spoiled’ Roger Waters


Pink Floyd‘s founding member and drummer Nick Mason, as well as record producer and lead singer of the band Porcupine Tree, Steven John Wilson, revealed how Pink Floyd and Roger Waters became spoiled after the group recorded Dark Side of the Moon. Pink Floyd made this disturbing Jimi Hendrix revelation.

Mason told Classic Rock Magazine the following:

“We got spoiled. After Dark Side we were a number one band. And also, the pressure was then on. You couldn’t just go in and knock another album off. You had to think about it, not repeat yourself.”

Obscured By Clouds, the soundtrack to La Vallée, was recorded in a matter of weeks later that year. Then they started work on Dark Side Of The Moon. They had an appetite for work. Yet they would never record at this pace again.

Record producer Steven Wilson said:

“You feel that Floyd were still a band that were playing live, going out there and experimenting, and I think by Dark Side Of The Moon, that had gone. They’d become great sonic architects by that time, but a lot of the danger and a lot of the hangover from that period of experimentation had been gradually refined out of their sound.”

Pink Floyd fans discussed what the felt the band’s most underrated album was in a recent topic on the Pink Floyd subreddit.

This Pink Floyd member dropped a 2020 reunion bombshell. DMartin81 stated: “Obscured by Clouds, so many good songs, a real band effort and if they had combined the best of Obscured by Clouds and Meddle in to one album it would have been an absolute masterpiece.”

TheNerdisHere102 wrote: “For me it would be: One of These Days, Fearless, San Tropez, Echoes, Obscured by Clouds, Burning Bridges, Wots… Uh the Deal, Childhood’s End, Free Four”

Saiyaman83 put: “I feel while Wish is vastly appreciated, it’s not as well regarded as Dark Side and the Wall, and I feel they’re all in the same company. Animals even more so. But I definitely think their most underrated is Obscured, Final Cut and More. The latter is actually very solid-sounding rock album with some rather lively songs.” Roger Waters made this disgusting Pink Floyd demand.

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