Pink Floyd Reveal Female Roger Waters Replacement


Acclaimed Pink Floyd singer/guitarist David Gilmour, during a recent interview with The Lost Art of Conversation with Matt Everitt, discussed the possibility of his wife becoming a vocalist on the group’s classic 1994 album, ‘The Division Bell’. David Gilmour Reveals Why Roger Waters Quit Pink Floyd

“One of the things that had changed the course of my life was meeting my wife-to-be Polly Samson. She became quite a large part of it (The Division Bell), not just as a lyricist. I should’ve given her a producer credit. She wanted me to write lyrics and bullied me by asking me questions about my childhood. I then persuaded her to take part and she was very, very good at it. It helped enormously and she became the primary lyricist on the album.”

Gilmour would later explain how their working relationship helped out Pink Floyd lyrically post-Roger Waters. A Pink Floyd member reacted to a small crowd at a show recently.

“We’d work all day on the boat and would go back home and playthings we were working on. Polly would be digging for the point of the songs and pushing them towards their main point. She became invaluable to me.”

In other news regarding Pink Floyd, fans took to social media to reflect on the group’s landmark 1979 album ‘The Wall’ and it’s legacy and impact. Happy Gal wrote: “Classic Floyd that no music library should be without. Although Roger Waters basically dominated in the recordings, David Gilmour’s cuts are still my favorites. I definitely give Waters props for “Hey You”, but “Comfortably Numb” is still my favorite. As a child of the 60’s and 70’s, I can say that the music was absolutely perfect for the time. But to me, it still resonates – maybe because America seems to be back in the 60’s all over again? Regardless, the music is the product of pure genius and well worth listening to over and over. Nothing better for a road trip.

Whereas Carlos said: “One of the greatest double albums of the 20th Century by one of the most important bands in Rock n Roll. A genius and a conceptually driven masterpiece. Floyd’s specialty is concept albums and this one doesn’t fail. Perhaps darker in themes than other albums, but there’s beauty in that. An album every being should listen to along with DSoTM [Dark Side of the Moon], WYWH [Wish You Were Here], and Animals. Other fantastic pieces are Meddle and Atom Heart Mother. There is far too much to say about this album which has been stated countless times. Buy this and wear out the record. This Pink Floyd member newly reacted to small crowd at show.