Neil Peart ‘Dismissal’ Statement Revealed By Rush Icon


Rush‘s album artist, Hugh Syme was recently interviewed by Indiana-local based outlet Indystar to discuss a wide variety of issues about the band that he collaborated with quite a bit. Here, the Rush artist discussed how he created artwork before albums were even completed. Rush singer Geddy Lee secretly hired this big name drummer.

Syme sometimes created artwork before albums were completed, saying: “A lot of times Rush wasn’t ready to send me music,” said Syme, who has an exhibition of images on display through Feb. 21 at Renditions Fine Art, Framing & Photography near the intersection of Binford Boulevard and 71st Street. “Neil [Peart] would send me lyrics, or he would send me the album title. When I heard ‘Moving Pictures,’ I said, ‘We’re going to have some guys moving pictures.’ Without question, I knew that immediately.” Rush singer Geddy Lee recently reacted to tragic brain injury.

Later in the interview, Syme discusses the legacy and impact of the first interview that he ever designed for Rush – 1975’s ‘Caress of Steel. While that connection happened via the band’s manager at the time in Ray Danniels, Syme could help but be just a touch dismissive.

A Rush singer’s surprising drummer offer revealed: ‘it’s time.’“Syme later stated: “I remember thinking, ‘Well, they’re not Genesis or Steely Dan, but why not?’ I was almost dismissive,” Syme said. “I had no clue that this would lead to a 42-year marriage.”

You can read the rest of the interview HERE.