Rage Against The Machine Announce Death Before Tour


Rage Against The Machine guitarist Tom Morello has announced the sad death of a rhino, as the band prepare to confirm new details about their reunion tour.

“The last Sumatran Rhino from Malaysia died the other day. Add that to the long ass list of reasons that the people & systems that own & control this planet do not deserve to. The world is not going to change itself. That’s up to me & you.”

He said in another recent post, “Rest In Peace Trafalgar, aka “Rammy”, my brave and trusted bighorn sheep mount in our secret society @deathsaves Dungeons & Dragons game. He died a hero in the Great Dragon War. @joemanganiello continues to deliver epic adventures.”

RATM fans discussed a possible new album after a Billy Corgan claim. The_Laviathen_Builds posted on Reddit, “Be a weatherman. What percentage chance do you think there is of Rage releasing new material? What percentage chance do you think we have of Rage releasing a new album with all new material on it?

Personally, I’m going with a 20% chance. Much higher than any point in the last 19 years. Still not great though.

In terms of it being any good and loving up to the quality of their three previous albums? Less than one percent chance. I think Tom Morello is washed. Still my favorite guitarist of all time but his work over the last 10 years has been atrocious.”

Ryanc_ responded, “Very low, like 2%. The issue isn’t inspiration or feeling like it’s necessary in the political climate it’s their working relationship, which has nothing to do with who is in office.”

The_Laviathen_Builds said, “Yeah, I don’t think it has to do with the political climate either. I just wonder if 20 years of maturity, inching ever closer to their grave, might inspire them to put some of their differences aside.”

SkyWest1218 wrote, “I wouldn’t even put Zack de la Rocha releasing his long-anticipated solo album above 20% at this point. But a new Rage album? I’m more likely to turn into a giraffe than they are to release a new album, as much as I’d like to believe otherwise.” Tom Morello revealed a Rage Against The Machine ‘monster’ yesterday.