Howard Stern Makes Horrible Red Hot Chili Peppers Teen Claim


Howard Stern revealed that the first woman Red Hot Chili Peppers frontman Anthony Kiedis saw without clothes on as a teen boy was Cher on a recent vacation episode of his show. A Red Hot Chili Peppers member fueled John Frusciante reunion speculation with a video yesterday. recapped: Howard said he was invited to the Cher musical. He said he gets invited to those kind of things once in a while. He said that he was surprised he was invited to this. He didn’t think Cher liked him. He said he was wondering if her public relations people invited him not knowing that. Robin said she’s not in the show. Howard said he’s sure they trot her out at some point. He said she’s at opening night for the show. He said he has done so many things to piss people off on the show.

He said she was dating a guy who they called Bagel Boy and Cher got angry with him for saying it on the air. He said she called saying she was going to sue him. He said this was before Gary had to clear his throat a lot. He said Gary told her it was in the paper. Gary said he didn’t say anything to her. He said that he transferred her to Tom Chiusano. Howard also recently revealed how he smoked drugs listening to Led Zeppelin.

Howard said he didn’t know it was an insult to her. He said he worked at a bagel store. He said he didn’t name him that. It was in the paper. He said that the guy got a lucky break dating Cher. Howard said that was his interaction with Cher. He said that he wanted to have her on the show. He said he thought they came close to getting her on. He said he’s not sure.

Howard said he thought that she’d come in to talk about this new play. Gary said they did reach out to her. He said that she works with the same people who work with Madonna. He said they were considering getting a birthday message for Ronnie. He said it just never happened.

Howard said he was remembering that Anthony Kiedis wrote that Cher was the first unclothed women he saw as a kid because she used to baby sit him. He said imagine that she’s your babysitter. Kiedis’ ex-Red Hot Chili Peppers bandmate John Frusciante revealed why he had to leave and do solo material in an unearthed interview.

Howard said when Cher was with Sonny everything seemed okay. He said he got scared when she married Greg Allman. He said she was a lot darker than he thought she was. He said it freaked him out.

Howard said he doesn’t think he’d going to go see that show. He said he hates sitting there in those theaters. He said he doesn’t need to sit there uncomfortable for 2 hours. Robin said he does it with TV.