Rage Against The Machine Icon Confirms Stunning Arrest


Rage Against The Machine guitarist Tom Morello revealed in a new Instagram comment that he has been arrested 5 times for civil disobedience. A Rage Against The Machine icon called a big name a rapist yesterday.

nerik_moura_90 commented, “It’s so easy protest playing guitar. have you try protest in the streets against the Police?”

Morello responded, “@nerik_moura_90 80-90 times. U? 5 civil disobedience arrests. U?”

Rage Against The Machine are preparing for their 2020 reunion tour, and fans recently detailed meeting Tom Morello and Zack de la Rocha on Reddit. A major Rage Against The Machine and Pearl Jam summer festival rumor leaked earlier this week.

freeyourtea posted, “I met Tom Morello in Madison, WI, after he spontaneously came to protest Scott Walker. He played a free show and asked everyone on stage and we sang some song together with him. After, I asked him for a picture and he said “no” and bulldozed past me, lol. I thought it was rude af at the time but in hindsight if he stopped for me he’d have to stop for everyone.”

shmoogz said, “I was eating at a vegan restaurant in Silverlake called Flore. I was waiting in the back to go to the restroom and saw Zack standing around waiting for a take out order. I went back to my table (near the entrance) and told my girlfriend as I was freaking out. As he was passing us to leave the restaurant I approached him, gave him a hug and told him he was my hero. He was appreciative, told us both to have a great day and left. Then the dude sitting next to us asked, ‘was that Zack de la Rocha?’ and I said ‘Yeah’ and he grabbed his heart with a look of disbelief on his face.

Then a week or two later my girlfriend and I were walking down the sidewalk outside Flore and saw Zack sitting outside at a table by himself with a pen and pad and I just gave him a ‘what’s up’ nod and he did the same.” A rock icon revealed why he’s done ‘for good’ with Rage Against The Machine’s members a few days ago.