Howard Stern Makes Disturbing Neil Young Drug Claim


Howard Stern discussed Neil Young being delayed in his process of becoming an American citizen over marijuana on his show this week. Howard Stern revealed a ‘stupid’ Neil Young remark a couple of months ago.

Robin read a story about Neil Young who has a delay in his application for American Citizenship. Robin said he answered about his use of marijuana and he was called back for that. Robin said they have a policy about that thanks to Jeff Sessions. Robin said they say that a person who smokes marijuana may have poor moral judgment. Howard said he’s worried about JD now that he’s smoking weed. Howard said Neil Young wants to be able to vote in the 2020 election so that’s why he’s applied to be a citizen.

Robin read a story about the congresswoman who had to resign after nude photos of her were leaked. Robin said they say that they’re going to have to ask people if they have ever taken nude photos of themselves before.

Gary Puppet came to life and asked if they heard that Neil Young had been denied citizenship. Howard said they just spent 10 minutes talking about that. Gary Puppet said he just woke up so he missed that. Howard Stern dropped a ‘scary’ Neil Young bombshell a few months ago.

Robin read a story about some ISIS prisoners being released in Turkey and they’re being sent back to their countries. Robin said some of them were from the United States. Robin said she thinks that they should be stranded at sea. She said England has a policy about that and they won’t let them back in.

Robin read a story about Disney+ which is being released today. Robin said they are expected to be a new player in that industry. Robin said they had some login problems today. She said you may have issues logging in. Robin said some people said they had problems accessing content or setting up a watch list. Howard said Bob Iger isn’t going to be happy about that.

Robin said Apple has released a new credit card. She asked if Howard has that. Howard said he doesn’t but he has the TV service. Robin said people are saying that the credit card is discriminating against women. She said Apple is saying they don’t do that but women are getting less credit then men are. Paul McCartney’s wife revealing a bold Neil Young photo was detailed earlier this week.