Rage Against The Machine Icon Calls A-List Star Rapist


Rage Against The Machine guitarist Tom Morello implied that former President Thomas Jefferson raped his slaves in a new tweet. A major Rage Against The Machine and Pearl Jam summer festival rumor leaked yesterday.

A fan tweeted to Morello, “Washington and Jefferson were radicals.”

Morello responded, “And slave owners. Washington once traded a black man for a keg of molasses and Jefferson’s #MeToo behavior in the slave quarters is genetically confirmed.”

Morello wrote a few days ago, “Slave rebellion re-enactment this weekend in Louisiana. Hundreds of people took part in reenacting the largest slave rebellion in U.S. history.

The reenactment in Louisiana was conceived by artist Dread Scott, who often tackles issues of racial oppression and injustice. During the heroic rebellion, an estimated 200 to 500 slaves rose up and marched on New Orleans in an attempt to overthrow the government and establish a free republic. (thanks to @outernational_ for bringing to my attention).”

Morello discussed the end of his ‘Atlas Underground’ solo tour a few days ago, as the 2020 Rage Against The Machine reunion tour approaches. He said, “Heading into the final days of #TheAtlasUnderground LIVE tour and it’s been pretty epic. SD last night, grand finale in SF tomm at the Fillmore with the great @vicmensa & @93punx! Some photos here by @seanniecameras).” He also said, “YOU DON’T NEED A WEAPON WHEN YOU WERE BORN ONE. SAN DIEGO tomorrow!!”

A fan commented, “Your show in Pittsburgh was the best concert I’ve been to all year!!!” Morello responded, “Thank you!” Morello’s RATM bandmate Zack de la Rocha is having a good time, showing off his girlfriend last week.