Rage Against The Machine Rumored ‘Final’ 2020 Shows Leak


With Rage Against The Machine recently announced performances at the Boston Calling festival with Red Hot Chili Peppers and Foo Fighters, and Firefly with Blink-182 and Billie Eilish, rumors are flying about shows shows could be the final shows of their summer run of shows. A Rage Against The Machine member just revealed a ‘goodbye’ note after tragic news.

Some fans are speculating that they could perform in Charlotte to protest the Republican National Convention, and in Milwaukee to protest the Democratic National Convention. The DNC takes place from July 13th to July 17th, while the RNC takes place from August 24th until August 27th.

LuckyPBC posted on the RATM Reddit, “Ok so has anyone else thought about the fact that after there reunion they did a show in Wisconsin and Denver for both Republican National Convention and Democratic National convention in 2008. Democratic National convention is July 13th to July 16th and Republican National Convention is August 24th to 27th. So I would keep those dates and locations in the back of your minds. Very good chance a show happens there around same dates. I really believe it’s going to be an Epic Year!”

Aggressivelama commented, “I don’t think they’ll play the DNC if Bernie is the nominee.”

TheZappanator responded, “Tom hasn’t spoken in favor of Bernie nor have any of the band members. I know Tom has liked and endorsed some of Bernie’s policies.”

Aggressivelama said, “Yeah I know because they are anarchists they actively dislike political parties but I think in the case of Bernie electing him would be seen as ‘harm reduction’ as he would make many peoples lives better so I feel Rage wouldn’t try disrupt that too much and instead focus their energy on Trump.” RATM’s rumored spring 2020 tour venues were just revealed.