Rage Against The Machine Stunning 2021 Tour Revealed


There was a Rage Against The Machine world tour dates poster hoax earlier this week, but it turns out we have gotten some real news out of it, as Hellfest Ben Barbaud was asked about RATM playing his festival was on the poster. While he said that isn’t happening, he told Ouest France that the band will tour Europe in 2021, as their reunion tour will extend at least two years. Rage Against The Machine announced a tragic death yesterday.

He said, “They will not tour in Europe until 2021. Obviously, we are very interested!”

German guitarist Michael Schenker, like his compatriots Running Wild, will be at Hellfest for the first time, and Faith No More, Social Distortion, and System of a Down will play.

“We’re also happy to have Social Distortion for the first time,” says Ben Barbaud, a lifelong fan of punk. The rock band Incubus will be playing on Friday for “a muscular set.” Ben also noted the presence of Infectious Grooves on Saturday, the kings of funky metal. “This is the historical group that comes for the first time to Clisson.”

Tom Morello revealed a Rage Against The Machine ‘monster’ a few days ago. Pikamox posted on Reddit, “So that poster was fake but there is an interesting bit that happened thanks to that, and given who is saying that i’ll tend to believe it. Here’s some context :

The leaked poster had a date in June 21st Clisson France, this is Hellfest, one of the biggest Heavy Metal festival in Europe right now.

Now Hellfest gave away the whole line up for 2020 on the 26th November, of course there was no RATM on it, putting another nail in that coffin but the boss of Hellfest had an interview in a local newspaper where the line up and the RATM rumor was discussed.

It’s at the end, for those that don’t speak french, what the Hellfest Boss is saying is that RATM will tour in Europe but in 2021, not this year. So yeah, that’s a little bit of information but it confirms there will indeed be more dates, just not right now.” Howard Stern mocking a classic Zack de la Rocha performance was revealed last week.