Mick Jagger Daughter Bends In Wasted Photo


The Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger‘s daughter Georgia May Jagger took a photo of herself bending over drinking in a Las Vegas hotel room on Thursday night. Georgia wrote, “More Vegas by @fooandfoo and @fox_sinclair.” Mick Jagger’s daughter made a bold Channing Tatum revelation a few days ago.

GiventoFly15 criticized the sound on “Saint Of Me” from The Rolling Stones’ new Bridges To Buenos Aires release. He wrote, “What an awful sound. I’m sorry but these guys at Eagle have to wake up. The Rolling Stones are a guitars band. Maybe it will be better on the CD. Just maybe.”

TheGreek responded, “You made your case and I do agree with you as Bremen version of Saint of Me smokes Buenos Aires version of Saint of Me . The Bremen version of Saint of Me is more pumped, amped and the Guitars are in your face as is Chucks B3, which is important in this tune.”

Mick Jagger called out a bandmate’s cocaine abuse yesterday.
GiventoFly15 added, “Not that there is anything wrong with the Saint of Me from Buenos Aires is technically flawless but there is a difference and I do agree with you. For me the Stones could release multiple shows from the B2B tour and the NS tour as well as they were on fire during 1997-1999.

Really tip top shape and bringing the bacon home along with the eggs and cheese and bread and milk as well with some OJ on the side . Are You Listening Rolling Stones and Eagle Rock – more shows from 1997-1999 please . Its Funny as I have Bremen at home still unlistend/unwatched (my bad!)”

Auden-EG chimed in, “Just listened to JJF on Tidal now (master quality), and wow!!! That must be one of the best live versions I’ve ever heard, and yes, the sound is better than on Bridges to Bremen. Punchy drums and rumbeling bass, sharp guitars and horns and the vocals all shine through. Wonderfull! Can’t wait to get the DVD from this one.” Mick Jagger’s stunning Prince death secret was recently revealed.