Rage Against The Machine Unload On ‘Insane Ticket Prices’


Rage Against The Machine guitarist Tom Morello reacted to fans ripping the band after seeing expensive ticket prices on scalper and secondary market websites. Rage Against The Machine leaked ‘final’ Layne Staley album details a few days ago.

Arbysdrivethru tweeted about the RATM 2020 reunion tour, “People are literally mad that rage against the machine tickets cost MONEY??? because apparently it goes against their message?? bro tours aren’t free are u dumb?? and it’s expensive because they’re popular pls get ur head out of ur ass.”

DuckduckGRAYduck responded, “I think this is a lot more complicated than what you are claiming it to be. Yeah tours do cost money but guess what, $500 a ticket is not necessary to sustain a major concert tour which can be proven by many other successful popular modern bands…”

Tom Morello shot back, “NO tickets are on sale til Thursday. These insane online prices are fake ‘speculative scalping’, don’t be fooled!”

Political_Fist commented, “Prince had it right. Tickets should only be redeemable by the owner of the credit card that purchased them. No card to match the original purchase? Then you don’t get into the show. That’s how you beat scalpers and get fans fair face value tix.”

Sam said, “I hate Ticketmaster so much. I wish there was a way to see major artists without going through the live nation/ticketmaster pipeline. They have a monopoly, price gauge (official platinum tickets are regular tickets they price up with demand) and literally pay scalpers to resell on there.”

DuckduckGRAYduck chimed in, “Appreciate this Tom! I should have known better to assume that these outrageous ticket prices were set in stone, but it’s definitely a good feeling to be assured by the band putting on this legendary reunion tour that prices will not necessarily be like that.” Howard Stern recently made a bizarre Rage Against The Machine party claim.