Tool Member ‘Breakup’ With A-List Actress Revealed


Tool singer Maynard James Keenan allegedly dated actress Kari Wuhrer in the 90’s, according to Wuhrer in a newly surfaced classic Maxim Online chat with fans. Maynard James Keenan ‘angering’ some Tool fans at a recent show was just revealed.

Bubba: Do you like bald guys?

Kari Wuhrer: Absolutely. I do! I just broke up with a bald guy, but it wasn’t because he was bald … It’s because he was an asshole!

David: What are some big turn-offs from a man?

Kari Wuhrer: Unemployment. (laughs) Being lazy. Mooching. I was dating Maynard from Tool. That was the bald guy. We went out to dinner – and I paid for dinner — and he said, ‘Oh, a girl with money.” And I said, “Oh, a musician with money.” That pretty much sums it up.

Hoinst recently posted on the Tool Reddit, “After 5 months, what are our favourite tracks from Fear Inoculum? Hi guys/girls, So now that some months have passed since the release of the new album and I reckon we have all given it some good listening time, I was wondering what the Tool fans consider their favourite track of Fear Inoculum. Apart from one or two small favourite song threads, I haven’t seen any systematic overviews of song favourites among fans; instead I have nearly drowned in large threads and general discussions about the new album and its particular tracks.

So I’ve have made a poll. I have allowed for multiple choices, so if you cannot or do not want to choose, choose all of them! I’ve included interludes for completeness. Hope that you are just as curious as I am about which tracks have the largest amount of devotees!”

HenosisGuy commented, “I’m surprised how the title track was received. It’s my favorite song on the album by a long shot and cracks my top 10 all time list for them. The other tracks are amazing but FI just has those Lateralus vibes and I had been waiting 20 years for more of that style. Maybe that’s why people didn’t like it as much?”

Barley_wine responded, “I didn’t like FI (song) as much when the album was first released, I’m wondering now if it’s just because I was listening to it for a month already. After taking a Tool break for a month or two, re-listening to the album FI is tied with Pnuema and Descending for my favorite track on the album. Wonder if it’d be better received if Pnuema was the single instead?” Maynard James Keenan ‘no showing’ a major Tool event was just revealed.