Red Hot Chili Peppers Call Out Anthony Kiedis Book Lie


During a recent interview with the YouTube show, As It Lays, Red Hot Chili Peppers founding member Anthony Kiedis discussed various rapid-fire questions. Here, the Red Hot Chili Peppers frontman reveals why he ultimately regrets his 2004 autobiography – Scar Tissue. During the same interview, Kiedis revealed sad truth about ex-guitarist. AlternativeNation transcribed Kiedis’ comments.

Host: What’s something that you wish you could erase from memory so that you could experience it for the first time all over again?

Kiedis: The 1970s.

Host: What does friendship mean to you?

Kiedis: Well it’s a little bit of a magical moment when you realize when you want to share a road with somebody. It’s a pretty good feeling and a way more regular occurrence younger in life. Like, I watch my song develop friendships and make new friends. He’s a master at it. He hones in on the kid he wants to hang out with and they become friends. Which, I did as a kid myself. Now it’s like: “Do I really want to be friends with that guy? I don’t know if I can be friendly, maybe?” The older you get the harder it is to make new friends.  It’s like suddenly you got a bunch of friends from forever ago.

[Slight pause and confusion]

Kiedis: Did I get off, did I get off the subject? I don’t know, stay young at heart when making new friends.

Host: What do you want the world to know about Anthony Kiedis?

Kiedis: Nothing. Less is more, less is more in this case. I wrote a book once and it was a big mistake. I forgot that people were gonna read it or might read it. They read it and I was like: “What was I thinking, Why did I do that?” You don’t have to know anything about me.