Red Hot Chili Peppers Icon ‘Happy’ After Surprise Firing


Former Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist Josh Klinghoffer is having a ‘happy’ new year, according to a new tweet from his Pluralone account, which promotes his solo material. Chris Rock revealed his ‘prayers’ after Red Hot Chili Peppers fired Josh Klinghoffer.

Pluralone tweeted, “Happy New Year from Pluralone! Keep your eyes peeled for some big news in the next few weeks.” Could we see Klinghoffer tour in 2020? We’ll have to wait and see.

Dmitri-Mendeleev recently posted his hope for John Frusciante’s RHCP comeback show, “Imagine John’s first performance after his return is an I’m With You or The Getaway song as a tribute for Josh. That would be beautiful…”

RHCPandJF responded, “Imagine: People awaiting, then the Chili Peppers take the stage, John Frusciante is the last one to take his place,crowd goes mad. Frusciante, with his ’62 Sunburst Strat, walks into his huge pedalboard, and starts turning distortions, fuzz and reverb pedals on.

Then Chad starts hitting the floor tom,and flea starts playing his bass. After a moment, Anthony, with a distorted vocal effect starts singing. It’s Monarchy Of Roses, from I’m With You. Played as a tribute to Josh. What a way to start a concert!”

There were reports that Josh Klinghoffer would be interviewed a few days ago, but it never came to be. K0stil posted on Reddit, “Why didn’t disprove that it was happening 3 weeks ago? Why only on the day of the podcast they its fake? Seems to me interview was actually planned but warner forbid Josh to talk about anything. And now it makes this interview guy look bad. We shall wait then.”

CSA1011 responded, “This is exactly what i asked in the other thread. Why wasn’t this dispelled by Joshs camp weeks ago? Why, at last minute, do we get this ‘confirmation’ that it was never going to happen?”

K0stil wrote, “Just checked Instagram. Eye0pener on 25th of December posted that the interview is happening. Were they fooled as well? I doubt that. I think the interview was cancelled and they try to make DFD Productions a faker?”

Fuzzisham87 said, “. . . What if it was a power move? People were saying it was odd that peppers social media has been quiet since announcement. Maybe it was a pay me off or I’ll talk and set a date for January.”

StAngerSnare added, “I really really doubt it. Josh doesn’t care about money, and threatening them would end any relationship he has with anyone in the Chili Peppers camp.”