Red Hot Chili Peppers Call Out ‘Bad’ Guitarist Disrespect


Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea reacted to Josh Klinghoffer and Steve Jones being snubbed from a photo from a supergroup performance in 2009, which was somewhat of a debut for Josh as RHCP’s new guitarist at the time, replacing John Frusciante. Flea recently canceled a Red Hot Chili Peppers reunion.

RHCP Netherlands tweeted, “Iggy Pop & the Peppers 🔥♥️ Los Angeles, 2009 #redhotchilipeppers #rhcp #iggypop #flea #chadsmith.”

Flea responded, “And that’s the great Steve Jones there, don’t sleep on him.”

RHCP Netherland shot back, “Sorry, No we won’t forget Steve Jones. Maybe we have to call this band ‘Iggy, Steve Jones and the Chilli Peppers rhythm session band’ 🤔.”

Flea clarified, “That band was called the insects. It also included anthony amd ronnie wood.” He added, “And josh.”

k0stil posted on Reddit about John Frusciante replacing Josh Klinghoffer last month, “But at the same time people didn’t believe it and were sure RHCP would never do a thing like this and thought Josh left on his own and they conveniently brought John back.”

Chukitawynao said, “Anyone who ‘was sure the RHCP would never do a thing like this’ in asking whoever was playing guitar in the band to pack their bags the nanosecond John Frusciante was interested in rejoining, doesn’t understand very much about the band’s history, John’s role in it, and his stature as a guitarist.”

NebStark wrote, “I thought him and Josh were friends. I’m more interested in why he decided it was okay to put his mate out of a job, and what the story is there.”

Freakapotamous added, “Anyone who knows their history knows that they have done that multiple times before. So it is not a unique thing. The question is how they handled that? I hope they still have a good feeling each other and there was no drama.” John Frusciante recently revealed why he rejoined Red Hot Chili Peppers.