Dave Grohl Reveals If Kurt Cobain ‘Sold Out’ For Money


Dave Grohl revealed in a new High Life magazine interview that Kurt Cobain and Nirvana were ‘never’ pushed to be commercial. Dave Grohl was recently disrespected at an airport after getting off a plane.

The article states, “In June 2015, it was Grohl himself who was flipping. He broke his leg jumping off stage in Gothenburg – rather than stop the show, the band covered for him while he travelled to hospital, only for Grohl to return on a stretcher and play for two-and-a-half more hours.

Any other band would have gone on hiatus – instead, Grohl completed their worldwide dates, renaming the jaunt The Broken Leg Tour and sitting on a custom throne of his own design. Axl Rose would later borrow it, and look significantly less cool.

You wonder if part of Grohl’s reluctance for bravado (he refuses to pander to words like `legend’, ‘rock star’ etc) is because he’s forever indebted to the accidental success of Nevermind. ‘When I was young and listening to Dead Kennedys, there was no opportunity. I got lucky being in Nirvana. We were never pushed to be commercial. I had license to do whatever I wanted. That’s a great luxury.'”

ThiccMemeBoi posted on the Nirvana Reddit recently about why certain Kurt Cobain recordings are still unheard, “For future releases like MoH or maybe album reissues or maybe to just collect dust until someone comes along and buys them. And don’t listen to people say Courtney is hiding it for her own selfish purposes, last time I checked Frances Bean Cobain had at least most of the rights to his songs and maybe whole estate (maybe all but I think Courtney has some ownership being the widow) Also don’t forget Organized Confusion, Song In D, various 1992 sessions, some of the June-September 1988 tracks (Floyd The Barber w/ Chad for example), and Sappy (instrumental) and When The Saints Go Marching In (both from the 1987-1988 Kurt home demo sessions/session) among other ones.” Dave Grohl recently revealed a touching Gavin Rossdale and Gwen Stefani secret.