Red Hot Chili Peppers Confirm Massive Heroin Use


Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea discussed using heroin in a new New York Times interview. A Red Hot Chili Peppers member discussed smoking PCP laced marijuana yesterday.

The Times described, “Flea was talking about drugs, which figure prominently in the book, starting with the cover, a photo of a baby-faced Flea sucking on a joint at a nude beach. Harder stuff beckoned before too long.”

“I never became a junkie,” Flea said. “I would go through periods where I was shooting heroin, and then I wouldn’t do it — ‘Oh, it’s terrible’— and I’d be listening to Minor Threat. And then I’d go do it again.”

He said he can’t bring himself to read Anthony Kiedis’ book Scar Tissue, which describes his own heroin use and personal issues in detail.

“It’s too much shared stuff,” he said, although he used a more pungent word than stuff. “I don’t want to know what he said, because I know it’s going to be completely different than what I thought.”

A Red Hot Chili Peppers member kissed a famous man in a new photo. Flea recently posted on social media, “When we first started the @silverlake_conservatory 17 years ago. A deeply satisfying thing, kids learning music and shining their light is. A social hub, a place of hard work and great triumphs, we come together and build the bridges.”

He also said, “Now I’ve gone done and read this incredible memoir. You like music? This is a book about music. I’ve read a lot of great ones in my life, including Beneath The Underdog by Charles Mingus, and My Last Sigh by Luis Bunuel.

This one by Joe Jackson is a doozy. His diligence, integrity, open-mindedness, and organic love for music that guided and lifted him up and over (or under) every challenge he faced inspired the bejesus out of me. Look Sharp! Whoooooooo.”

You can read New York Times.