Robert Plant Calls Out Awful Led Zeppelin Ripoff


Led Zeppelin frontman Robert Plant discussed Morocco and how the African people in the nation considered him an ATM, trying to rip off his Led Zeppelin money, in a new story told on his Digging Deep podcast. Alternative Nation transcribed the Led Zeppelin icon’s comments. Robert Plant has constantly shot down doing a Led Zeppelin reunion, even after Jimmy Page shared a photo of the band back together.

Plant: It was the most amazing experience I’ve ever had.

Co-Host: Really?

Plant: It just cascaded more and more into beauty and absurdities, because the great personality of the Moroccan at large is that they are just so funny, such fantastic people. They will tell you anything, even with the experiences I’ve had.

Obviously I’m considered an ATM as I’ve been going there now for forty-six years or whatever it is, I know quite a lot of people who hustle in the [inaudible] always looking for a better way, they came up with me, they gave up with me in the end.

They probably got their best bit on the first couple of trips, then they married German tourists and went off to Dusseldorf, then came back five years later, cursing the European way. You know, I went to America, that’s how it goes. So as the time went on, I was able to feel more and more comfortable and really stimulated by the ever unfolding joy, humor and beauty of Morocco.