AC/DC Icon ‘In Denial’ After Angus Young Firing


AC/DC singer Brian Johnson was in somewhat of a state of denial after finishing up touring with AC/DC in early 2016 when he suffered from hearing issues and was asked to leave the band by Angus Young, and replaced by Axl Rose for the remainder of the tour. Alternative Nation transcribed Johnson’s remarks from AXS TV’s A Life on the Road about coming off tour. Brian Johnson took a brutal shot at final AC/DC shows yesterday.

“You know, I’d be going for dinner or something, I’d be looking and it’d be 8PM, and I’d be going, it’s an hour before we go onstage. It was five weeks after we finished the tour, and it was like Jesus Christ, stop it. But I couldn’t help it, I would start feeling tense at that time, but it all goes away in the end. It’s a sharp chop.”

MyCubiclePenguin recently suggested that The Razors Edge is AC/DC’s worst album on He said, “My personal least favorite of the bunch. Not necessarily the “most uninspired”, but the result is the weakest record they ever put out. Yes? No?”

An AC/DC icon was stunned by a brutal Paul McCartney insult recently. Brads AC/DC responded, “That’s a NO from me. The Razors Edge is certainly not their worst album. I think Ballbreaker was lacking more as an album. At least The Razors Edge contained a smash hit with Thunderstruck and a couple of other songs such as Moneytalks and Are You Ready that performed well in the charts.

I know that charts are not the be all and end all of judging an album but Ballbreaker lacked appeal to the casuals and was criticized by many of us hardcore fans as well. Plus it never really had a big hit on the album at all so overall it just had little appeal when compared to other albums they’ve released.” Angus Young ripped a big name for rejecting an AC/DC tour.