Robert Plant Savagely Calls Out Led Zeppelin Fraud


Robert Plant discussed avoiding becoming a ‘parody’ of Led Zeppelin on his new Digging Deep podcast, though he said at times he can fall into it. Alternative Nation transcribed his comments on the “Tin Pan Valley” Season 2 premiere episode. Jimmy Page revealed a sad Led Zeppelin accident yesterday.

“I think it really shows the energy and the zest and the kind of I suppose the lilt of where the band was at. So the verses would be lyrical statements of my incessant need to not become too much of a parody, or some kind of phony playing rehashes of Zeppelin, but inevitably doing that sooner or later.

So Tin Pan Valley is my testament I try to live by. Lyrically it makes my points about tedium and success, and some kind of algebraic equation where you either have joy at the end of a gig, or a sort of same old stuff. So we were creating more and more music that would explode, but also nuanced.”

A Nirvana icon revealed why he ‘wasn’t a fan’ of Led Zeppelin a few days ago. Plant wrote on his YouTube, “This season will be accompanied by a limited edition vinyl single box set which collects 16 tracks from across his solo career across eight 7” singles. Pre-order now:

In the first episode of ‘Digging Deep’ series 2, Robert Plant discusses the creation of the ‘Mighty ReArranger’ album with Strange Sensation.

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