Roger Waters ‘Turns Down’ David Gilmour Reunion Tour


Over on Instagram a David Gilmour and Pink Floyd superfan recently took to the social media platform to ask Gilmour’s wife, the incomparable Polly Samson quite the interesting question. The user known as aguycalledfelix wrote: “Did DG [David Gilmour] really reject RW [Roger Water’s peace plan?” To which Samson responded, “No. In fact, other way around” – leading everyone to believe that there is allegedly more to this story than meets the eye. David Gilmour Wife ‘caught’ with Robert Plant in photo.

In other news regarding David Gilmour, fans recently took to social media to discuss Gilmour’s debut and self-titled solo album – ‘David Gilmour’. One fan reviewed: ” David Gilmour’s first solo album has great songs, ” no way out of here ” still sound good to this day. Forty-six years later I give it credit, I had these songs play in my mind since it came out back in 1972, around the recordings of Dark Side of The Moon.” David Gilmour ‘cancels’ huge Pink Floyd reunion show.

The fan continued: “I had the original album yet for some reason, this sounds better on CD, it plays all the song none stop, but really not have to be a concept album, kind of freestyle clear studio mixtape, but it is not, it is an album by David Gilmour and his solo band members. David Gilmour had to do this, he did not know if meddle was going to be a hit or fall into the abyss. Meddle succeded, so does this album for me, it is a landmark for my collection, that tells me before and after synthesizer works. Very clear guitar play, with no distortion. David Gilmour wife confirms ‘terminal disease’.