David Gilmour ‘Cancels’ Huge Pink Floyd Reunion Show


The official Pink Floyd Twitter account tweeted out the following image of a throwback David Gilmour and Pink Floyd ticket stub recently. The account also shared a story about how if one were to have attended that particular show that night they would of been in for quite the tragic event. David Gilmour wife confirms ‘terminal disease’.

As the account posted: “It’s 40 years since Pink Floyd first performed The Wall live! Were any of you fortunate enough to see this in 1980/81? If you went to the first night (beset by a slight issue of a fire which caused a temporary halt to the show) chances are you had a ticket just like this.”

Pink Floyd wife makes David Gilmour ‘sickness’ claim. In other news regarding Pink Floyd, fans recently took to social media to reflect upon the group’s highly acclaimed movie – ‘The Wall’. One fan reviewed: ” This movie was way more psychological than I imagined and I know you’re supposed to get high before listening to a Pink Floyd album, but this movie removes that need with as trippy as it already is.:

The fan continued: “This film is a real cerebral experience that is not for the weak-minded. It has a lot of themes and imagery that would send the meek scurrying back to their safe spaces. Those who do have the mental fortitude to handle this movie will find it really tells a powerful story of the life progression of an artist who perseveres through both internal and external struggles. saying any more would ruin the movie and it’s truly a movie everyone should see at least once.” Roger Waters claims David Gilmour ‘banned’ from Pink Floyd.