Geddy Lee Reveals Disturbing Rush Bandmate Demand


In Rush news, we recently reported that singer Geddy Lee leaked this Neil Peart coke photo the other day taking place from one of their very first shows in emanating from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  In a follow-up to that story, the acclaimed Rush frontman took to Instagram to his Instagram to answer a couple of Rush superfans who had questions about that very same photograph.

Geddy Lee was savagely disrespected by Rush fan at restaurant recently.  Biff_jarta wanted to know: “Where did you borrow the “human blood” case from?” To which the Lee simply responded: “Some guy named “Vlad” While Joe101078 chimed in with: “I imagine it lead to more care when handling the gear. Alternately, it was likely ignored like most warnings.”

In other Rush and Geddy Lee news, one fan of the progressive-rock legends took to the group’s subreddit to discuss the silly fan theory that all three members of Rush are rather more similar than you would actually believe.

Metalhed652 kicked things off by proclaiming: “Has anyone else here noticed that Rush’s bassist, singer, and keyboard player all look very similar? So the other day I was watching the music video for Tom Sawyer and I noticed that the keyboard player, singer, and bassist all looked very similar. And I know that it can’t all be the same guy, because nobody can be that talented. So what’s the deal; are they siblings?”

Rush singer Geddy Lee secretly hired this big name drummer. To which another Reddit user, analogkid01 replied: “Of the five members of Rush they’re the ones most often mistaken for each other. Geddy Lee, Leddy Gee, and Freddie Free.”