John Lennon Used Heroin With A-List Singer


Howard Stern broadcasted a vacation show this week with James Taylor who discussed partying with John Lennon and The Beatles during the same time the group was recording their landmark record, ‘The White Album. Taylor also discussed partying with heroin with the group. Howard Stern recently revealed who almost stopped John Lennon killer. recapped: James said he went to London to visit a friend of his. He said he had a head full of music. James said he started playing wherever he could. He said some people in London told him to make a demo in a studio. He said that meant making some tapes and acetate discs. He said he took that and gave it to some friends of his. He said they were going to play it for people in the business. James said he called Kooch in the states and told him what he was doing. He said that Kooch was in another band and he asked for a number for Peter Asher. He said he got that number and Peter had just signed on as the head of A and R for the Beatles. He said he was 19 at the time. Howard said just making that demo got him in with Peter Asher. Howard said that demo he made got into the hands of Paul McCartney somehow. James said that he may have just heard about it from Peter. Howard said James had the look and the voice and he must have thought he had a gold mine. James said he was just looking for talent.

Howard said that James is suddenly in with the Beatles record label. Howard said he’s the first American act. James said they had no acts signed for their label. He said he was the first. James said he sent his dad a letter asking him to sign the contract for him. He said he was under the age of consent. He said his dad did that. John Lennon’s goodbye letter to George Harrison was revealed a few days ago.

Howard said James was recording his album at the same time that the Beatles were recording their White album. James said they would go in and take over the time that the Beatles weren’t using at the studio. Howard said they must have let him hang out with them. James said that they did hang out and he was still partying with heroin and he’s just happy he didn’t get John killed. James said when he was in New York he had his first level of addiction. He said that he was lucky to have survived that. He said he was left for dead a couple of times. Howard said he was living for the end of the week at the time so that’s how close it came.

Howard said maybe the addiction helped him because he wasn’t worried about anything. He said that he didn’t get neurotic in the studio. Ringo Starr recently revealed if John Lennon’s widow ruined The Beatles.