Rush Member Announces Surgery After Health Scare


Rush singer Geddy Lee has confirmed that earlier this year his dogs were injured and had to have surgery. A Rush member confirmed he lost ‘my brother’ recently.

“Oh, my day’s been f**king crazy. I have two terriers that both injured themselves at the same time and had to have surgery on Friday. They just came home from the hospital and are limited in their movement. It’s the craziest thing I’ve ever heard of. Both of them were chasing a squirrel and they both tore their cruciate ligament, in their hind leg, at the exact same moment. Can you believe that? It’s just a f**king nutty story.”

He added, “They both had surgery at the same time and they’re both laying in my house. You can’t let them roam anywhere and they won’t leave my side. They’re both at my feet staring at me right now. [Laughs.]”

A Rush member revealed a bold Jimi Hendrix secret last week. Geddy Lee recently posted on social media, “These photos of my mom and dad were taken c.1946 on their wedding day and shortly thereafter at the Bergen-Belsen Displaced Persons Camp in Germany where they were living after their liberation.

Go to Q104 to hear an interview I did with Shelli Sonstein for this Sunday’s International Holocaust Remembrance Day. The video of the conversation is in bio link and a podcast version will also be available ‘Sonstein Sessions,’ which can be found on the Q104.3 website and on the iHeartRadio App. #neverforget #holocaustremembranceday #neveragain.”

You can read the interview at Sharp Magazine.