Rush Member Reveals ‘Bloated’ Neil Peart Photo


The official Instagram account for Rush shared the following animated group photo of each band member looking a bit on the bloated side – Neil Peart in particular. You can view the photo below. Rush singer Geddy Lee ‘messes up’ huge performance.

In other news regarding Rush, fans recently took to social media to review one of Rush’s most significant and defining albums – Permanent Waves. Geddy Lee reveals disturbing Rush bandmate demand.

One fan wrote: “This was the first Rush album I ever heard and is still the album I most enjoy on a repeated basis. I’d say its easily my favorite Rush release, in part due to the critical time in my life when it was released and also just the perfect nature of the songs themselves. As always, the Rush sound continued to evolve with this album. Like any great band, Rush never evolved too quickly for their fans’ sake. This record was the perfect transition from the old Rush to the new Rush (at the time), and to this day the sounds from this recording remain very distinct from the other Rush releases. The ethereal quality of “Jacob’s Ladder,” “Different Strings” and “Natural Science” stand perfectly juxtaposed with the more commercial/accessible “The Spirit Of The Radio,” “Entre Nous” and “Freewill” – all so wonderfully balanced.”

Geddy Lee was savagely disrespected by Rush fan at restaurant recently. The fan continued: “Lyrically, Peart finally broke through with words everyone could grasp – the lyrics some of the band’s best ever. “Jacob’s Ladder” is just such an obliteratingly ominous tune with a sound that echoes the message and to hear this in this new vinyl formal is really a treat. And “Natural Science” – the other epic here – sounds equally enthralling. From the music to the lyrics, to the album artwork, this release remains a timeless masterpiece and the DMM vinyl brings out all of the fullness this recording has to offer. This is easily the best one in the series so far.”