Rush Singer Surprising Drummer Offer Revealed: ‘It’s Time’


Legendary Rush frontman and bassist Geddy Lee took to social media via Instagram to celebrate the vinyl release of his first solo studio album – My Favorite Headache, released on November 14th, 2000. The album was released on Record Store Day this year and Lee also took time to celebrate that album being released alongside other albums from Jack Black and Tenacious D, Todd Rundgren and others. This Geddy Lee sad boat accident was revealed last week.

It only took around 20 years to finally see a vinyl release of MFH! Not only is it awesome to hold a “proper” sized Album cover in my hands but nice see this remastered work available in all the indie record stores…gotta keep the mom and pop shops going for both music and books! These are the places I spent much of my youth wandering around looking for overlooked gems! Some cool new RSD gems released today alongside My Favourite Headache caught my eye…Jack Tenacious D….Todd Rundgren…Patsy Cline…Zappa

A Rush fan made this sad Geddy Lee Alzheimers claim earlier this month. In addition, fans of the Rush singer also responded to the news on the popular bassist’s Instagram. Rockin_professor wrote: “My favorite song from this excellent album has got to be “Grace to Grace.” I remember singing the chorus to myself after I passed my Ph.D. exams. I am glad you made this record because it kept the home fires burning for Rush. May the gods in the heavens get it right this time!”

Clownzfeet replied: “There are so many musical gems that have slipped past by. When I hear someone say the world’s best guitarist, I think ‘Nah’ . Just go to an instrument store and hang around. You’ll hear some amazing things”

Fellow Rush fan, Ken.nellie responded: “Nothing beats coming home from the store ripping the plastic off and playing the album for the first time. I still have copies of 2112, Kings and Hemispheres unopened” and while R_da_silva mused: “I love this record! On a search for a copy today. It would be awesome if you went out on tour in support of this record. I miss seeing you on stage slappin’ that bass!

Rush singer Geddy Lee recently announced a huge movie. However one comment, seemingly caught everyone by suprise as Queens of the Stone Age drummer Jon Theodore commented, “Time to make another one!”