Steven Tyler Girlfriend Dating KISS Member Revealed


Legendary KISS member Ace Frehley revealed to rock and metal journalist Eddie Trunk how he allegedly slept with Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler’s ex-girlfriend Debbie Benson back in the day. He made the allegation on Trunk’s SiriusXM show. Also on the show, Foo Fighters member Taylor Hawkins appeared to discuss how much Frehley and the members of KISS influenced members of the Foos as a performer. Alternative Nation transcribed their comments. This KISS icon claims Gene Simmons is lying about retirement.

Ace Frehley: You know, Steven Tyler used to be a drummer.

Eddie Trunk: Yeah, I know that.

Taylor Hawkins: I played with Steven Tyler when he played drums. We did wipeout at the Roxy actually.

Frehley: I used to go out with his girlfriend, Debbie Benson.


Trunk: As a bass player was Ace or the KISS guys an influence on you at all? Were you a fan?

Hawkins: It’s interesting, we talked about this earlier. I went from, like, the Beatles and The Rolling Stones to Pink Floyd then right into Prague. Like, the Mahavishnu.

Frehley: I love people who are influenced by KISS because it’s so refreshing. You know, like when I meet a girl that isn’t a KISS fan, I want you to get to know me, forget about KISS. Like, get to know Ace, the real guy. KISS’ Ace Frehley recently called out ‘sick’ Paul Stanley.

Trunk: Right, so when you hear people like Chris Shiflett or any of these guys that talk about what an influence you were – that’s gotta be amazing, right?

Frehley: I get it all the time, I’m like an elder statesman. Who is older than me that’s still doing what I’m doing besides Keith [Richards]? Is [Jimmy] Page still playing? Ace Frehley recently rejected surprising Paul Stanley KISS offer.

Hawkins: Sparsely, sparsely.