Freddie Mercury Home Photo After AIDS Death Revealed


Late Queen frontman Freddie Mercury died from AIDS on November 24, 1991, and just last week we passed the 28th anniversary of his tragic passing. Today is World AIDS Day, and the first photo at his home after his death has surfaced of a fan leaving flowers at the door on November 25th. If you want to donate to a good AIDS charity, definitely check out the Elton John AIDS Foundation at Elton was a good friends of Freddie’s, even discussing seeing him just before he died from AIDS in bed, so he definitely is looking to help those who need it most.

Thanksgiving was on Thursday, and Freddie Mercury Club recently looked back at his 1989 Thanksgiving dinner.

“‘Generally Freddie would use any excuse to have a party. I remember a few times when there wasn’t a tour that Joe reminded Freddie about Thanksgiving and Freddie would lay on a traditional dinner for friends. As Freddie was staunchly British, the celebration didn’t have the same gravitas as it does in USA, but he still enjoyed himself.’ -Peter Freestone

P.S. Don’t you just love it when Freddie’s whole face brightens up with his own brand of contagious laughter all natural and genuinely happy like that? Freddie & Joe Fanelli cooking a turkey at Garden Lodge in 1989.”

U2 revealed how Bono ‘blew it’ with Freddie Mercury a few days ago. Brian May reflected on Bohemian Rhapsody on the holiday weekend, “Then and now … this time last year Bo Rhap was on your movie theatre screens – this year it’s on our Tellies. None of us had any idea it would smash every box office record around the world and bring happiness to so many. I haven’t posted this comparison before, so thanks @brilliantmusicians for bringing it up. It’s a wonderful endorsement of the meticulous work Rami and the team put into recreating the climax of the movie.

Note the kiss blown right at the end – who had noticed that before the film came out ?? Then and now. And 33 years ago, on that sunny Live Aid afternoon, who among us knew that those moments – those notes – at the old Wembley Stadium would live on and reach a new generation whose parents weren’t even around that day ?! And back further … in 1970 … well, it was all just a dream. It’s been an amazing journey. Thanks folks. Bri.” Freddie Mercury’s AIDS death note was revealed a couple of weeks ago.