Sammy Hagar Announces Huge Van Halen Reunion Tour


Sammy Hagar announced that he would like to reunite with Van Halen singer David Lee Roth for a ‘Sam and Dave’ part 2 tour with Michael Anthony back in the fold and David Coverdale also as part of the bill. He made the claim when posting a 1988 throwback photo with Stephen Pearcy.

Hagar leaked a painful ‘last’ Eddie Van Halen video a few days ago. A fan recently asked Hagar, “Hey Sammy! Would you be up for a ‘Sam and Dave tour’ 2? Bring Mike to play bass and that’ll show the Van Halen brothers who’s boss!!”

Hagar responded, “Sam & Dave Coverdale coming up 👀.” One fan told Sammy, “Wow. Sitting at the Paramount in NY waiting for Ratt to come out on stage as we speak.” The Red Rocker shot back, “Good luck let me know how they are.”

The fan followed up, “They were much better then last year when we saw them. He was so wasted & couldn’t get through the songs. It was sad. Glad I gave them another shot. Had a great time! Hope to see you again. Saw you with Van Halen & Jason both at Jones Beach.” A different fan added, “Without Warren and Robin just not the same. No disrespect to Steve. Just like I say no disrespect to David Lee when I say Van Hagar was a much better version of the original!”

Another fan wrote to Hagar, “GO SPURS GO! Thank you. 7,000 jamming to you and all that mas tequila, everywhere!! Heehee, sticky!!! Work security for Mark, Mike, and Donna Palmer. Southwest security.

Night off, bought a ticket and you set up that screen for the SPURS! So Awesome! One of best my best memories! Ty. Stuck in traffic for 9 hours!! People running up and 281 naked!!” Hagar responded, “Damn.” Michael Anthony was ‘blamed’ for a Van Halen health scare a couple of days ago.